The USN Gathering 2017 G9

These are the knives I’m bringing to the show. I’ll only be there on Saturday. My lottery for 8 knives will be at 12:30pm. I’ll also have 2 knives for an Open Bid Auction that will end around 2pm. See Y’all there!

Cayman (1004 x 900)Carey_Roadster (1062 x 900)Gordo (1280 x 960)Gordo cl (1280 x 960)Cure (1280 x 960)Cure cl (1280 x 960)Cure fl (1280 x 960)Cure fl cl (1280 x 960)Cayman XL gray (1280 x 960)Cayman XL gray cl (1280 x 960)Cayman XL cf (1280 x 960)Cayman XL cf cl (1280 x 960)Cornerstone fl (1280 x 960)Cornerstone fl cl (1280 x 960)Nitro 5050 (1280 x 960)

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