Booth #59. These are the knives I’m bringing to the show. See Y’all soon!

Schedule:                                                                                                                         Friday, Beep-Beep lotto for 7 customs.                                                                     Saturday, 11AM,  FCFS (Draw an Ace, buy one of 4 Nitro 50/50′s)                                        Saturday,  2 Open bid customs, one ending at Noon and one ending at 2PM.


Gordo V2Gordo V2 cl


VLD texture-techVLD damasteel bolsters 2 (1280 x 960)VLD copper 2 (1280 x 960)VLD copper cl 2 (1280 x 960)

Cayman V2.

Cayman V2 carboquartzCayman V2 carboquartz clCayman V2 frame lock groovesCayman V2 white lightningCayman V2 jigged 2 (1280 x 960)Cayman V2 jigged cl 2 (1280 x 960)Cayman V2 mokuti (1280 x 960)Cayman V2 mokuti cl (1280 x 960)

Nitro 50/50

Nitro 5050