Missing Blade show this year 2018

As some of you know, We won’t be at Blade this year but some of my knives will be 
Head over to @tricitycustomknives and @arizonacustomknives at Blade, they will have a few of my new made in USA Nitro Mini Production knives.
Hand tuned and sharpened by Yours truly.
Blades are 3.250” long 20CV riding on SS caged bearings.
Frames are 6AL-4V Ti and have pockets milled out on the inside to make them lighter.
Titanium clip, pivot screw and Hinderer LBS.
Have fun at the show and we look forward to seeing Y’all at G10 in Vegas.

Nitro Mini proNitro Mini Pro cl

The USN Gathering 2017 G9

These are the knives I’m bringing to the show. I’ll only be there on Saturday. My lottery for 8 knives will be at 12:30pm. I’ll also have 2 knives for an Open Bid Auction that will end around 2pm. See Y’all there!

Cayman (1004 x 900)Carey_Roadster (1062 x 900)Gordo (1280 x 960)Gordo cl (1280 x 960)Cure (1280 x 960)Cure cl (1280 x 960)Cure fl (1280 x 960)Cure fl cl (1280 x 960)Cayman XL gray (1280 x 960)Cayman XL gray cl (1280 x 960)Cayman XL cf (1280 x 960)Cayman XL cf cl (1280 x 960)Cornerstone fl (1280 x 960)Cornerstone fl cl (1280 x 960)Nitro 5050 (1280 x 960)

TKI 2016

These are my knives for the Tactical Knife Invitational 2016.

Roadster with Thor Damasteel blade, bolsters and pocket clip, marble carbon fiber scale, Timascus back-spacer, pivot ring and stripe. Has hidden screws and runs on bearings.

Roadster 6Roadster 5Roadster 2Roadster 4

Cornerstone in a patriotic theme! Blade is hand rubbed Stellite 6K, Custom made multi-colored carbon fiber bolsters & scales, 3D anodized Titanium pocket clip, back-spacer and lanyard bead. Titanium pivot & screws. Runs on bearings.

Cornerstone (1280 x 960)Cornerstone cl (1280 x 960)

A Cure with a Thor Damasteel blade. Black Timascus bolsters and pocket clip. White lightning carbon fiber scales. 3D carbon fiber back-spacer. Custom Carey lanyard bead. Titanium pivot & screws. Runs on bearings.

Cure (1280 x 960)Cure cl (1280 x 960)

A Tory with Norris Gator Skin SS Damascus blade & pocket clip. Genuine Super Conductor bolsters and pivot inlay. Tan G10 scales. 3D carbon fiber back-spacer. Runs on bearings.

Tory (1280 x 960)Tory cl (1280 x 960)

Nitro Mini with a hand rubbed CPM154 blade. Gibeon Meteorite bolsters. Custom color carbon fiber scales. 3D carbon fiber back-spacer. 3D Damasteel pocket clip. Titanium pivot & screws. Custom Carey lanyard bead.

Nitro Mini (1280 x 960)Nitro Mini cl (1280 x 960)

Cayman with a hand rubbed CPM154 blade. Norris Hornets Nest SS Damascus bolsters & pocket clip. Custom colored carbon fiber scales. 3D carbon fiber back-spacer. Hidden screw construction. Runs on bearings.

Cayman (1280 x 960)Cayman cl (1280 x 960)

Tremor F Covert with a hand rubbed Stellite 6K blade. All frame milling done with a Pantograph not CNC! Black Timascus pivot ring & pocket clip. Shockwave Timascus back-spacer. Titanium pivot & screws. Runs on Ceramic ball bearings and detent. Custom Carey lanyard bead.

Tremor F Covert 6K (1280 x 960)Tremor F Covert 6K cl (1280 x 960)Tremor F Covert 6K bs (1280 x 960)

See Y’all soon!



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Thanks, Pete


These are the knives I’m bringing to the Tactical Knife Invitational in Las Vegas!

From left to right: Gordo Proto, Tremor Covert, Nitro Mini Snubnose, Cayman, Tremor, Cure Proto 2, Nitro, Cornerstone with Seeker blade Proto.

TKI 2015 group (1280 x 960)TKI 2015 group backside (1280 x 960)



TKI Cornerstone.
This will be my open bit piece.
Cornerstone with Seeker style blade per Jeff Roxas, This is the 1st Cornerstone with the Seeker style blade. Also the 1st knife with curvy bolsters made on my Deckel pantograph, No CNC! With Chad Nichols Damascus, Superconductor pivot ring & dragon back-strap, The Original Carey Pivot! And hidden screws. Photo by Mitchell Cohen

Cornerstone seeker PDCornerstone Seeker pro