I will be at a new booth this year, Booth #59, At the back of the room near the food! Please stop by and say Hi.


I will have one Nitro FX fixed blade and 4 of Kyle’s Blackcat Firecrackers for sale FCFS on Friday at 12 PM.                                                                                                                                                                I will have 4 Nitro 50/50′s for sale “First come first serve” on Friday at 2 PM but you have to pull an ACE from a deck of cards, One try per person.

My Lottery for the other 12 folders will be at 1:30 PM on Saturday at booth #59.

I will have 2 knives, A Cornerstone and a Cure for sale “Open Bid” ending at 1:50 PM on Saturday.

Nitro FX (1280 x 960)Blackcat Firecracker (1280 x 960)4 Nitro 5050 CF and green canvas (1280 x 960)Tremor damasteel (1280 x 960)Tremor damasteel bs (1280 x 960)Cayman N (1280 x 960)Cayman N bs (1280 x 960)Cayman framelock (1280 x 960)Cayman framelock bs (1280 x 960)Cayman cfbt (1280 x 960)Cayman cfbt cl (1280 x 960)Cayman gray (1280 x 960)Cayman gray bs (1280 x 960)Gordo carved (1280 x 960)Gordo carved cl (1280 x 960)Gordo grenade (1280 x 960)Gordo grenade cl (1280 x 960)2 Nitro 5050 acid washed (1280 x 960)Nitro mini bolsters (1280 x 960)Nitro mini bolsters bs (1280 x 960)Nitro mini dayglow (1280 x 960)Nitro mini dayglow bs (1280 x 960)Nitro mini lscf (1280 x 960)Nitro mini lscf bs (1280 x 960)Cornerstone zircoti (1280 x 960)Cornerstone zircoti cl (1280 x 960)Cure black timascus (1280 x 960)Cure black timascus cl (1280 x 960)